GARZA supports new LED solutions

The new product range offers consumers Downlight, Extra flat panels and LED Tubes.

Garza, which offers a full range of LED lighting solutions, introduces its new range of LED (downlight, panels and tubes) that is already available on the market.

Garza recessed LED Downlight are the direct replacement for traditional halogen bulbs getting maximum savings. Furthermore, an alternative adaptable lighting to any environment thanks to its interior axis that allows a focal lighting.

These products are available from 3W up to 12W of consumption (840 lumens equivalent to traditional 60W). All with a light beam of 60 °.

For Garza extra flat LED Panels, we combine an elegant design with the efficiency that is achieved in consumption. They provide a uniform illumination with a very wide projection angle (120 °). They are ideal to replace the traditional fluorescent panels obtaining significant energy savings,and thanks to its small thickness (20 mm) they can be installed on roofs with minimum space.

Circular Extra flat LED Panels are available in 16W and 11W (770 and 1,100 lumens respectively) in white and aluminum. Square LED panels are available in 10W (700 lumens) and in both finishes.

Finally, Garza put on the market two models of T8 LED tubes that reduce energy consumption by over a 50 % compared to traditional fluorescent light providing a high quality light,no blinking and inmediate starting.

The entire range of these three families of products are made of aluminum alloy which gives them a metallic texture and excellent heat dissipation.

The downlight, panels and tubes installation is simple and packaging gives assembly diagrams for the consumer where detailed information and the required measurements are shown.

Garza still bets on packaging designs different fromthe ones  on the market and always focused on providing use and help to consumer in choosing the right product. Our packages have complete product and use information  by the use ofexplanatory pictograms and installation diagrams for an easy  installation experience for the costumer.

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