Add colour to your ideas with GARZA LED

This Spanish brand has just put two models of LED RGB strips onto the market - 90 cm and 3 m

Garza, the brand commercialized by Imprex Europe, presents its new range od LED Lines RGB (in colors) on the market as of June 2013. This new range of products has multiple applications both for households and commercial premises,  restaurants, hotels, etc… uniting fun, original decoration with energy savings.

The range of  flexible RGB strips are very easy to install, can be placed in corners and on any type of surface. They are silicon-coated for easy cleaning and include 3M adhesive. Additionally, they can be used outdoors since they have IP44 and a layer of transparent silicon to protect them from water and dirt. 

Another advantage of our LED products is they come ready to use, that is, the kit includes everything needed for their use: adapter/transformer; rigid and flexible connectors and a remote control.

The remote control lets you modify the different light variables (color or RGB intensity and temperature) depending on whether you are going to read, watch television, whether you want general illumination that is more or less intimate… adapting light conditions to your needs. All commands are transmitted by radio frequency with a very low level of interference within a radius of 30 meters. 

Some of the uses for the color strips could be:

-       Lighting shelves.

-       Highlighting contours of objects, walls, ceilings, structures, etc…

-       Decorarating children's rooms for a fun touch.

-       Highlighting circular or square spaces with indirect lighting.

-       Decorating bars and pubs.

Additionally, Garza has committed to pack designs that are very different from what is currently on the market . This design is always aimed at making use easier and helping consumers choose the most suitable pack. The packaging has complete product information including  its uses, explained with pictograms.