AC13 SP6 Zinc Air

AC13 SP6 Zinc Air

Our four sizes of batteries are color classified. Choose the Energizer ® product that best suits your needs using the color code and size as your guide. The individual compartments protect unused batteries and makes them easily transportable. You can carry as many as you need. Other advantages are the new longer and wider tabs that facilitate battery handling and placement.

Available in 6 packs for each of the 4 battery sizes.

  • Smaller                                                                                           Batteries in individually perforated blister
  • Better tabs                                                                                      New  longer and wider tabs, easy to handle and insert
  • Security                                                                                           Don't worry. You won't lose them. Unused batteries remain sealed in the package
  • Flexible                                                                                            Take as many as you need with you
  • Portable                                                                                          So small that they fit into the smallest pockets and change purses
  • Safe                                                                                                Individual compartments prevent coins or metal objects from coming into contact with the batteries, thus avoiding short circuits.



Type of battery: 



EZ Turn & Lock

Number of batteries: 



1,4 V
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